a-freaking-Maze-ing (get it?)

Trying to keep a preschooler occupied in boring situations is a challenge we all must face once the rugrats enter our lives.  I had different strategies when he was super little, but now I often hand over my iphone or let him use “his” phone (yes, it’s his now, my old ipod touch…don’t hate. The battery runs out in about 35 minutes so it kind of has a built in play limit which makes me feel like not such a bad mom for letting him play Angry Birds).   Anyway, once the battery runs out, what to do? Well, my kid loves to do mazes, and the internet is a treasure trove of printables.   I try to keep a few in my bag along with a tiny box of crayons so he has something to do while waiting at the doctor’s office or in between ordering our food at the restaurant and actually getting to eat it (the longest 20 minutes ever to a three year old).

Here are a few of my go-to links:

HP Creative Studio has a TON of cute things to print out to keep the kiddo busy, including Dreamworks and Disney stuff. He is obsessed with the Lorax movie, so these were a big hit while home sick this week –

Blogger KrazyDad has a ton with varying difficulty levels –

Family Fun magazine has a nice collection too –

These letter mazes are a fun challenge for him now. He has to follow the same letter throughout to get to the end. This website requires a free account to print their worksheets, but there are a ton! –

There are so many more available, just let Google be your guide.  I also scored a dry erase maze book on Amazon not too long ago which is a great thing to keep in the car with some of those Crayola dry erase crayons, which are the bomb (unless they melt…yeah, that happened.  Texas in August.  ‘Nuff said).  I suppose you could also put your printed out mazes in a sheet protector and use that with the dry erase crayons or a marker  too if your kid doesn’t mind doing the same mazes more than once (mine doesn’t…yet).

Oh, and now that you have something to keep your kid entertained, feed him (or her) for free.  Here’s a great list of restaurants with kids eat free deals from Mummy Deals.


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